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Malaysia's One Stop Mechanical Seal Wholesaler, Supplier & Distributor


SP Pac-Seal Sdn. Bhd is a  Malaysia Mechanical Shaft Seal Supplier. We were incorporated since 1989. Since the company has been operating for over 20 years, is today's leading mechanical seal importer wholesaler and distributor in Malaysia.

Over the years, we have grown stronger& become a market leader in the mechanical seal industry. We are also exporting our products and services to customers outside Malaysia, striving to serve the sealing solution market better globally, SP Pac Seal has developed strategic alliances in Asian and African regions.



Our services include repairing and servicing all type of pumps, reconditioning of mechanical shaft seal, contract pump servicing and maintenance for hotel, shopping mall, high rise building, factories and club house, W.T.P sector as well as hospitals.


We are Malaysia Mechanical Seal Wholesaler, supplier, importer & distributor of mechanical shaft seal, sole agent of Roten as well as the importer of Pac-Seal and others replacement seals in Malaysia.



SP Pac-Seal Sdn. Bhd. is house of mechanical seals which are mechanical seal wholesaler, importer, distributor, retailer & stockist. We specialize in

  • Contract maintenance, repair & servicing for building and industrial sector. Food, Palm oil and edible oil industry.
  • Reconditioning of mechanical Seal.



Conical Spring Mechanical Seal 001

This is a mechanical seal for general uses, such as water, food, chemical products, hydrocarbons, etc.

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Conical Spring Mechanical Seal

Conical Spring Mechanical Seal 002

This seal can be supplied in materials such as pure alumina ceramic, solid corrosion resistant tungsten carbide and silicon carbide, normal carbon, metallised carbon, filled PTFE etc.

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Balanced Seal

Balanced Seal 001

The spring in this seal is balanced and bidirectional which will be suitable for high-pressure and with dirty or viscous liquids.

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Sanitary Pump

Sanitary Pump Seal 001

This seal is suitable for hygienic, pharmaceutical, sterile and food application.

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Sanitary Pump

Sanitary Pump Seal 002

This is a double pressurized back-to-back compact and bidirectional multi-spring seal.

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Sanitary Pump

Sanitary Pump Seal 003

This type of seal is suitable for food and beverages applications.

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